Some things I’m thinking about:

  1. Why has capital stopped flowing from rich countries to poor countries i.e. the Lucas Paradox?
  2. How can we remove ideology from academia? To what extent does academia have to be political; why don’t we have more pure research institutions like the HHMI?
  3. Why has US GDP growth been linear for the last 150 years? (h/t Patrick Collison).
  4. Can we make other engineering fields as lucrative as CS?
  5. How can we lure more bright people from prestige professions (finance, law, media) into engineering? Smart people should build hard things.
  6. What are some ways we can “watch the watchmen?” How can we institute checks and balances on the media?
  7. Why has nanotech advancement stalled? Was there ever a bubble in investing in nanotech?
  8. Why don’t we financially pursue buildings within our oceans? What technical knowledge are we lacking or is it just the will to do so?
  9. Web browsers have been relatively the same for decades, can we build something better? Will crypto play a role?
  10. What happens when every country is “developed”? Will Baumol’s cost disease plague us all?
  11. Can we make another religious city? Does Silicon Valley technically embody the paradigm of the great cities before: Jerusalem, Constantinople, the Vaticanm, etc.?

These are some links I find myself re-reading:

My reading habits are generally lindy books, Twitter, or hard science research papers.



I previously worked at Sirona Medical as a software engineer.

In previous lives, I’ve worked at an insurtech firm; I made simulation software; I also worked at a crypto hedge fund (a buzzword buffet I know.) Earlier this year, I graduated from the University of Warwick with an economics degree.