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The Synthesis of Raiden and Ethereum


As put forth countless times before I, there are indeed an untold number of abysmal projects and cash-grabs currently in the cryptocurrency sector (see: Are ICOs a Scam). These serve the purpose of lining the investors’ and team’s pockets. However, Raiden does not fit this mold, rather the Raiden Network shapes one of its own: it has the potential to become one of the most ambitious projects in the next decade as blockchain scaling becomes a tenuous […]

Waltonchain & Supply Chain Management


  Current Internet of Things (IoT) models are insecure because they are all held under the same security domain, resulting in a potential breach of the network. However, Waltonchain’s (WTC) approach to solving this problem is with their newly introduced idea of the “VIOT” or the Value Internet of Things. This has far-reaching implications because the goal, as stated in the whitepaper, is to eventually use entity tags to track any object connected to a RFID […]