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The Economics Behind Cryptocurrency Market Pullbacks


Cryptocurrencies are known to be volatile; however, even with the constant chanting of “HODL” on Reddit and other social media platforms, people still struggle to not sell during a crash. I believe that this might be a consequence of many first-time investors entering the crypto sphere who concurrently have never witnessed a severe bear market and are unfamiliar with the necessary mindset for investing — i.e. delayed gratification. Interestingly enough, we can see that Bitcoin crashes roughly once per […]

Are ICOs a Scam?


Can They Provide a Different Approach to Venture Capital Funding? With recent news concerning fraudulent projects like Confido, where $375,000 were stolen from investors, many people believe Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are synonymous to scams: funding that does not lead to a concrete project and has no clear regulation. However, in comparison to the classical venture model, ICOs provide the world with a more democratized funding model. But what’s the biggest problem with venture capital; why do we need […]